How to Book a Speaking Partner

Step 1  Contact the Partner to schedule an appointment

Step 2  Book the # of Hours you agree to meet 

Step 3  Attend your appointment and practice speaking


Rules of Use


Use the Speaking.Partners Messaging System within the website to communicate. Confirming bookings and keeping all communication on the Speaking.Partners platform helps our Trust and Safety team identify issues and react quickly. Never give out your phone number and email address until you meet and feel comfortable with a new person. All communications should be carried out in a professional, courteous manner and only in relation to Speaking.Partners. We reserve the right to monitor and suspend any User accounts we suspect of abusing the private messaging facility.


Sharing your contact details, such as your phone numbers, emails, links to other sites and social networks, is not allowed before a booking is confirmed and paid. Communication before booking is for discussing your appointment details only. In case you bypass the Speaking.Partners platform, you isolate yourself from safe payments, customer support in case of dispute, refund policies and trustful reputation through our review system.


Any attempts to exchange contacts before booking or execute transactions outside of the website can also be a reason for limiting you from using our services. If necessary, your internal communication on Speaking.Partners can be reviewed by Speaking.Partners staff. This is to provide you a better support should a conflict arise that requires escalation between you and another user.


Cancellations and Refunds


If, as a Learner, you wish to cancel a confirmed booking made via Speaking.Partners, 3 days (72 hours) before the speaking session, 100% of the host Fee will be refunded to you. The same amounts shall be refunded to you in case a Speaking Partner cancels a confirmed booking prior to the day of the speaking session. Any confirmed and paid booking cancellation must be initiated by contacting the speaking partner through the Speaking.Partners messaging system.  


As a Learner you are also entitled for a refund of 100% of the Speaking.Partners Fee in case a Partner fails to arrive for the speaking session. As a Learner you have 24 hours after the end of session to initiate a dispute. If as a Learner you do not cancel your booking prior to the day of the speaking session the payment is not refundable. Any refunds will be made by your speaking partner within 48 hours of the cancellation or request for refund.