How it Works


How it works


Step 1 Contact the Partner to schedule an appointment.

Step 2 Book the # of Hours you agreed to meet.

Step 3 Practice Speaking!


When learning a language, it's important to know how it's spoken and to get a sense of the place where it's spoken.  You want to hear the sounds, the idioms, you want to know that there is a point to what you're doing here.  When you connect with a speaking partner, you are placed into an environment in which they do not have any other choice but to speak.


As a student, you can review partner profiles and booking pages to get a complete understanding of their personality and interests before your first meeting.  You’ll be able to choose a partner based on what they’ve written, their level of expertise, ratings, background and recommendations.


As a partner, you can easily earn extra cash by simply speaking with learners in your free time. You choose your hourly rate and organize your schedule as you please. You can work from any city, anytime, and anywhere in the world.


It is important to note that Speaking.Partners does not offer professional teaching services. However, professional teachers are more than welcome to have accounts on the Speaking.Partners platform.