Why hire a partner?

Learn a language in a fun, natural way

When you connect with a partner and practice speaking, you will be able to adopt many rules and quirks of the language in the same way that they did as children. Talking often and about a range of topics will expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and expose you to grammar rules in a completely natural way. 

Understanding the culture as well as the language

Naturally, as you practicing speaking, you'll be able to connect with people that live or have lived in the country of the language your practicing. You'll be able to hear and understand their opinions and feelings about certain topics, just like they will with you. Most people are very eager to share their feelings and thoughts towards various issues, so it will definitely give you some insight different aspects of the country. If you are practicing speaking with the intention of moving or traveling often, you could always ask specifically about that place and those people to find out more. Understanding etiquette, manners and appropriate language is especially useful and actually crucial if you’re learning for business – any extra information could certainly help to impress your peers.